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Astronomy,  Geography & Environment

Astronomy Thesaurus
Controlled astronomic vocabulary in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Switching from one language to the other or from searching to alphabetical or hierarchical browsing is possible from every entry.

NASA Thesaurus
NASA Thesaurus -- "PDF version of the most recent edition (1998). Both Volume 1 (Hierarchical Listing With Definitions) and Volume 2 (Rotated Term Display) are viewable. Hypertext links to the sections of the document are provided on the Table of Contents page."

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Geographic thesaurus with one million of placenames in English-speaking countries mainly.

ZUDIS - Thesaurus (Zentrales Umwelt- und KlimaDaten- MetaInformationsSystem)
Information about the ZUDIS-Thesaurus.

Schlagwortbrowser des Projektzentrum Ökosystemforschung Kiel (PZÖ)
Christian-Albrechts-University (Kiel) , Bornhöved-Project

CERES Thematic Thesaurus
CERES is the acronym for California Environmental Resources Evaluation System. This monolingual English thesaurus offers hierarchical and alphabetical browsing and, having selected a term, the possibility to search in related subject fields.

The thesaurus of the INFOTERRA database.

Thesaurus in German language of the Austrian Environmental Agency (Umweltbundesamt), Vienna.
"The results of the [form-based keyword] search are listed. Within this list you can choose a term and see the complete entry."
For searching the Environmental Catalog (UmweltDatenKatalog UDK) with the help of the thesaurus you will need a browser capable of dealing with Java 1.1 (e.g. MSIE and Netscape from Version 4.0). 


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Thesaurus of the University of Helsinki Agricultural Library. Contains vocabulary of the following subject areas: agriculture, food, nutrition, domestic science, consumer studies, agricultural development and ecological sciences. Besides the Finnish und English descriptors the thesaurus contains the Latin names for plants, plant diseases and epidemics. 

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Technics & Industry

Dansk Tekniske Videnscenter (DTV) Thesaurus
A Danish Thesaurus of the DTV Library containing technical terms. Accessible via alphabetical or systematical browsing by UDC notation (Universal Decimal Classification). 

SETCOM - Semantisch reicher Thesaurus für cooperatives Modellieren 
Report about the Bericht zur Entstehung des Modellthesaurus SETCOM, der am Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik an der Universität des Saarlandes entwickelt wurde.

Canadian Thesaurus of Construction Science and Technology
The Canadian Thesaurus of Construction Science and Technology (TC/CS) was prepared by the IF Research Group, University of Montreal  for the Government of Canada, Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce.

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Information & Documentation

IRIS Keyword Thesaurus
IRIS (Illinois Researchers' Information Service) an der University of Illinois,  Urbana-Champaign
The IRIS Keyword Thesaurus contains over 2,100 keywords. These keywords are used in the "Subjects/Keywords" field of the IRIS database. The keywords are arranged hierarchically and alphabetically under the forty-five umbrella categories listed
below. To jump to the section of the thesaurus that shows the keywords for a given category, simply click on the highlighted category in the list (Engineering, for example). You can also search on the keyword numbers that appear to the left of the
keywords themselves. Simply enter the numbers in the "Subjects/Keywords" field. 

This version of the Infodata-Thesaurus was made available by the Informationszentrum (Fachhochschule Potsdam) in a Word-format file and authorized for publication on this website.

LC Thesaurus for Graphic Material
This thesaurus in English language with a comprehensible introduction was developed in the USA by the LoC (Library of Congress) especially for indexing graphic material.

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Computer, Automation

Thesaurus computer science
Alphabetical, German demo thesaurus on informatics, constructed within the scope of a diploma thesis in the field of knowledge-based systems at the Technical University, Berlin. 

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Standardthesaurus Wirtschaft
THE German standard thesaurus in the field of economics (Release 5.0.0, updated 07/31/2001) is now open for public access. 

OECD Macro-Thesaurus
This version of the OECD Macro-Thesaurus (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) is available for searching the OECD databases Programme and Projects.
Click on the button "Check Thesaurus" beside the field "Controlled Terms" and you will reach the retrieval interface and choose one of the languages English, Spanish and French.. . 

This thesaurus classifies products, materials, goods and services by classification numbers. Finding concepts is possible by browsing subject terms or numbered classes and by browsing hierarchy. The thesaurus is maintained by the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Köln.

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Legislative Indexing Vocabulary (LIV)
Legal experts of the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service (CRS) proof the content of every law and allot one or more descriptors to each law from a thesaurus especially developed for use in legislative and politics.

Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) Thesaurus

The thesaurus in English language (...), which is now used for the for the multinational Global Legal Information Network database, was created in 1950 and is continuously being extended. It is unusual (and maybe unique) among the legal searching instruments, because of its pragmatic working philosophy (according to the principle: 'A term is only selected when it is needed.') and its multi-faceted approach to index legal activities world-wide. 

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CATIE - Community Aids Treatment Information Exchange / Réseau communautaire d'info-traitements sida (Canada)
Key words out of context (KWOC)

Dokumentation Krankenhauswesen Thesaurus der HECLINET Datenbanken
Information about the the thesaurus which is only available as a printed version.

Information about the the thesaurus which is only available as a printed version.

Thesaurus Homöopathie

The Institut für Geschichte der Medizin (IGM) der Robert Bosch Stiftung, Stuttgart, is developing a thesaurus for homoeopathy (in German only).
For more information contact: Mrs. Helena Korneck, , IGM library

NLM - MeSH Tree Structures
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) can be directly taken for searching the MEDLINE database. You may find more synonyms as entry terms at Medical World Search

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European Education Thesaurus
The European Education Thesaurus (EET) is an information resource language intended to facilitate the recording of and search for information in databases on education in Europe. Covering the 11 official languages of the European Union, it consists of a set of terms linked to one another by hierarchical or associative relationships. The EET is the common language of those who use and administer national and international information resource systems in and beyond the European Union.
The thesaurus is available for free download as a zipped PDF-document every European Union language. More language versions of the EET have been developed independently in the meantime, in Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Slovene and Turkish.

ERIC Thesaurus

Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung

The Foundation Center's Grants Classification Thesaurus
American-English vocabulary of the Foundation Center for the description of national educational and cultural institutions in the USA.

HASSET : Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus
2nd Version (March1998) 
This thesaurus in English language is based among others on the UN Macrothesaurus and was developed at the University of Essex (GB).
Browsing can be done alphabetically or using the relations. The selected term can be taken directly for searching the library catalogue. 

Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften
The Thesaurus (available in German, English and Russian) has been developed by the InformationsZentrum (IZ) Sozialwissenschaften, Bonn, and is aimed for searching the databases SOLIS und FORIS. 

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Arts & Architecture

The Art and Architecture Thesaurus Browser
This comprehensive English language thesaurus allows browsing by hierarchies, relations, alphabetically and by facets. In addition you may type in keywords directly, separated by appearance in term or in scopenote fields.

LC Thesaurus for Graphic Material
This English language thesaurus with a comprehensible introduction was developed by the Library of Congress in the USA especially for indexing graphic material of all kinds. 


National Monuments Record Thesauri
"English Heritage takes a leading role in setting standards for recording the built and buried heritage. By setting standards that can be adopted by everyone, we can make sure that all records are consistent. With this aim in mind, English Heritage is continually developing new thesauri to provide structure and guidelines for the standardisation of terms to be used when creating new records of the past.Now, in our drive to disseminate these standards and promote their wider use, we are making available seven separate online thesauri:"

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More Thesauri

UMI: Controlled Vocabulary
Controlled English vocabulary for a number of subject areas for searching precisely the Subject Fields of the ProQuest® databases, e.g. ABI/INFORM.

Thesaurus zu Gnomon Online
Thesaurus in German language, developed for the GNOMON - International information system for Classic Studies bibliographic database of the C.H. Beck Verlag. 
You may choose between alphabetical browsing or searching by keywords, searching the single thesauri or doing a search over all thesauri simultaneously. In addition, the thesaurus can be downloaded in ASCII format in two different character sets.

American Association of Retired Persons: Ageline Retired Persons Thesaurus Navigator
The thesaurus is part of the AgeLine Database and also separately available as a print version.

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Tree-structured vocabulary in English language without the specific thesaurus relations. A helpful tool to find newsgroups all over the Web - but actually no thesaurus.

The Cook's Thesaurus
The Cook's Thesaurus is a cooking encyclopedia that covers thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. Entries include pictures, descriptions, synonyms, pronunciations, and suggested substitutions. 

Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Thesaurus
The following list of terms are used by ASFA indexers to describe the contents of publications in a consistent, comprehensive and concise manner.

Yahoo Germany Reference Material

MIND the Wordnet (1.4)
A retrieval interface to the WordNet-'Thesaurus', a dictionary of English synonyms.

Other thesauri collections on the Web

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